X Wind Services blade inspection software preview

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X Wind Services performs wind turbine blade inspections with the most advanced system in the world. One we have inspected our client’s blades, we process all the pictures into a software that performs a 3D reconstruction of all 4 surfaces of the blade (SS, PS, LE, TE) and our client has an unlimited access to that software. Of course, our inspections come with a fully custom report along with damage assessment.

Below are presented a few pictures of what our technology is capable of. Just imagine the level of details that we can see on a full screen picture. We hope that the short video below will also give you a better idea.

We have started to book our next inspection campaign so do not hesitate to contact our team at info@xwindservices.com for more details or questions!

Thanks for watching.

X Wind Services will attend the Wind Energy summit in Hamburg

At X Wind Services, we are passionate about what we do. This time, passion brings us to Germany to attend the Global Wind Energy summit in Hamburg.

Our team will be meeting with new people and explore the infinite possibilities that renewable energy has to offer.

If you want to discuss with us in Hamburg please contact us! We will be super glad to take some time to present you our services.

See you in Hamburg!

X Wind Services at AWEA’s Windpower 2018!

Our team was present at the American wind energy association (AWEA) convention held in Chicago on May 7th to May 10th 2018. More than 7000 participants from around the world were present for 3 days of discussions about wind energy in a very stimulant context.

It was a pleasure for us to meet our existing contacts and also to meet new people that were all very dynamic and interesting. We would like to thank all the people that we have met in Chicago during this event for renewable energy enthusiasts!

Wind turbine oil contamination and cleanliness.

Hi and welcome to our blog!

In the next coming weeks, we will publish various articles on topics related to the renewable energy world and more particularly wind and solar energy. Our team and engineers love to discuss technical aspects as well as the industry news and innovations. To begin, we offer you a series of short articles related to oils that are present in most systems of a wind turbine.

  • Why is the cleanliness of oil so important and how it will affect the life of your equipment.
  • The different types of oil contamination.
  • What a good oil analysis should include and what it can tell you.
  • Quick summary to understand the ISO classes.
  • Why you should aim to lower your ISO classes.
  • Monitoring the quality of the your gearbox oil.
  • Different options and solutions to increase the quality of your gearbox’s oil.
  • Understanding the extension life tables.

Stay tuned as the first article in the series is in writing and will be presented shortly.

Thank you for reading us!

X Wind’s team